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Why yes it is my first time…

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WOW! On Sunday 4/12/2015 I  accomplished something, something that to others may have been a small accomplishment but to be was a life changing experience. I completed my first open triathlon, what is an open you might ask… well it is 100m swim 3mi. bike and 1mi. run, and although that may not seem like much to a person compeeting a a full triathlon(2.4 mil swim, 112 mi bike, 26.2 mi swim) for me it was huge, you see even a year ago i had trouble even walking more than 20 min, i would be out of breath, tired, my hip would become dislocated, my body was tired and as much as i would have wanted to even try my body was not prepared. but on April 12, 2015 my body and mind proved it self capable of thing that when I weighed 345 impossible.

THe emotions that went on before during and still after the race are well … amazing!

The drive up to beautiful Lake Berryessa was calm and breathtaking. But even with the calmness all around me I felt anxious and excited. I remember my heart pumping and my hands we shaking. 

When I arrive I to the venue site I begin to set up my transition area. At this point I’m feeling less anxious and more excited! I head to the doc where we will have a pre-start meeting. During the meeting the event director tells us about the course and how the open distance became to be as well as how we the participants are changing the lives of those around us, he and I couldn’t help but get choked up. 

An announcement was made that the race would start in 1 min, that min felt like the longest min in my life. I felt panic… But in that moment of panic I folded my arms and I prayed to my Heavenly Father. And he heard me I felt his presence the entire time I was out in the water. Mind you this is my first time ever swimming in open water. No matter how cold the water was I welcomes the way it made me feel alive, blessed and awake! I swam my little heart out. Once the swim portion was done I was headed over to the transition area to prepare for the bike portion of the race. When I saw my brother inlaw (who was doing the race with me) I thought for sure he would be ahead of me but unfortunately he got hurt. I felt as if I should not go on. After all my legs at this point already started to feel like gelatin. But something said to me ‘you will not stop, you will and can finish this!’ So I kept going. I get on the bike course and as I’m peddling through the beautiful Calistoga scenery and rideing through the rolling hills I think of the things I’ve learned in the temple. And how I appreciate the beautiful land that Jesus has created for us to live on. When I reach the turn around point on the bike I suddenly feel extreme pain in my thighs and I think to myself ‘this is it this is where I can’t go any further.’ And then in my mind pops up someone who is n inspiration to me, Noelle Pikus Pace! If you don’t know who she is google her! Her story is so inspirational! And in that moment I think I got this so a start pushing harder peddling faster! And before I know it I’m done with the bike portion! I thanks my Heavenly Father for giving me the strength to finish this much. I go put my bike up and start heading towards the run portion of the race. I think ok if you collapse it’s ok you got this far. Once again I pray for endurance, I think there is no way I can run this … So I walk about 1/4 of a mile when I feel a rush an urge to run so I start jogging. When I get to the half way point of my run my husband is there cheering me on and pushing me, telling me I can do it I’m almost done. At which point somehow gave me super strength and I was able to run the rest of the race to the finish line!!! I crossed that finish line with such joy, appriciation, and happiness! It was such an overwhelming emotion. I literally started crying out of how good I felt how alive I felt and how blessed I am! 


Never in my life did I think I would ever cross a finish line. Never in my life did I think I would do a triathlon, and never in my life did I think my body could do that! 6 months post wls I couldn’t be prouded of my body and what I know it is capable of! And this is just the beginning! I hope this inspires other who think they can’t to at least try and see that they can ! Pray, Train, eat clean, and give it your all! In the end it doesn’t matter if you come in last or first, Heavenly Father loves you the same!


M. Carmen Dorigatti 



10 thoughts on “Why yes it is my first time…

  1. Great photos. You are awesome. Don’t you wish you could bottle that joy of crossing that line? I found your story very inspiring, and stories like yours motivate me to help others achieve their own goals.

    Do you mind if I reblog your post to my readers?

    Thanks Shawn

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  2. You are very inspirational. It means so much to me to know that these things are possible. I have a tendency to doubt myself and get overwhelmed, so it helps me to see others succeed. It makes me think maybe I can do it too.

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    • Thank you! And yes you can do it !!! Set your goals (it takes several to accomplish the big one) and you can do it !! Just remember in the end it doesn’t matter if you come in last …


  3. Reblogged this on First Time Triathlete and commented:
    This report sums up what triathlon is all about. Overcoming what you though was impossible. When you cross the finish line, you transform into a new person, who believes all things are possible.

    Take a couple of minutes to read this great report, you will be inspired!

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